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  1. Rick Barlow

    Katie, That post is resonating with me tonight. I needed it, but never expected to stumble on it in the wee small hours of a November morning. Thank you.

  2. Ahhh–a breath of fresh air–innocence and truth is the door to accessing that still quiet voice inside. Thank you for whispering into the crevices of my heart and reminding me why I am here. Have an awesome day. Hugs and thx

  3. Wow… I love it!
    Thank you for reminding me.

  4. Katie, I just love what you have said here, the thoughts you have shared about your life and the corrections you feel neccessary to make when your life is becoming something other than what you want it to be.

    We all need a reminder of who we really are, on a regular basis. Thank you for this reminder today.

    Oh, and I love the photo…I think that perhaps Alex looks a lot like you. :)

  5. What great timing for this post! Congrats on getting back to who you are and focusing on where you truly want to go. We all need a reminder of that so thank you for the gift :)

  6. Bravo Katie… I could feel this coming for you… and others in the same work are shifting too. It’s a bloggers revolution! I know you will find your way and return to your self, greeting you with open arms. Lovely words too… I look forward to more… or less? :-)

  7. Be the powerful you Katie – that’s more than enough.


  8. also – your photo reminds me of some of myself from long ago… when was that taken?

  9. Hi Katie,

    You sound like you’re really benfitting from ’switching off’.

    It’s fantastic to be able to touch base with who we are. We’re all trying to be so much for other people and to play different roles, that we forget the real person at the heart of all the action

  10. Hi Katie,

    This post resonates as I have been going through the same thing lately. I know why I started my blog – to have an outlet to share the insights I have gained – but somehow I got caught up in more – more subscribers, more guest posts, more ideas for how to improve.

    So it’s back to basics for me, and you have offered some very useful breadcrumbs for how to get there. Thanks!

  11. And this may just be one of the only minimalist-ish blogs I can continue to read and resonate with after a short stent of finding my way into the mother-load. I’ve been more than overwhelmed by how much people are trying to make money from their minimalist lifestyles. Seriously? Why the need to collet money when your aim is not to consume? I don’t get it. Plus I am clearly misguided because I thought minimalist lifestyles where also often tied with gentle, sincere, transparent folk. And I feel like I read more angst and elitism as of late in a few of the way-successful-bloggers of this genre. I’m interested in reading and learning more and applying minimalism to my life by way of you all doing it more fully or successfully, but not from someone who is angry, lost in the blogosphere, and considers themselves to be at the head of an elite club. So thank you, for being transparent, for choosing real life, for finding a way out of the rabbit trails of links to better-bigger-blogging and paid bills via e-books. I will support and desire to learn from you so long as you continue to honor yourself and relationships with those in the tangible world that care for you, and you them.

  12. Rick Barlow


    Minimalism and making a living are not mutually exclusive, so I’m fine with whatever you do here that attracts revenue to support your life. Go for it.

  13. Allie

    Good for you Katie!! Your blog came at the right time for me as I spend way too much time on the computer since retirement. We all need to step back and re-assess how we are passing our days. The older we get the more precious they are and choosing creative and healthy activities are so important to our wellbeing. Thanks so much and wishing you all the best in finding the right mix of work and play.

  14. Sorry, my comment was a bit ignorant. I get this isn’t a minimalist blog, I just put it in my head as that I suppose because I found you by way of that. And the gentleman who commented just below is more than correct in his assertion that doing what you are passionate about and making-a-living need not be mutually exclusive, totally get that and actually love when others are able to make that work. I just meant I don’t like to read about the making-a-living part as much as I feel I have been lately, but rather tune in to learn more about how others are living. So the point was, go you!

  15. Hey Rick, sounds like we were both doing a little soul searching last night. Glad to hear you stumbled my way and found something that resonated.

  16. ntathu, I’m lucky to have readers with such open hearts. Hugs to you too.

  17. Annika, I’m reminding you, but I’m also reminding myself. Glad you loved it.

  18. Hi there Joanne, I think it’s important to step back once in a while. I feel light and joyful today. I feel like I’m back on track. And yes, Alex and I do look a lot alike, but she has her father’s eyes.

  19. Deb, sometimes we find what we need most. I’m glad you consider this a gift, I meant it that way. My sense of my path is getting stronger as I read these comments and know that we’re all so much alike and searching for very similar things. It gives me great peace.

  20. Laurie, your post today is a lovely companion to mine ( http://creatingyourhome.com/2010/11/07/closing-the-gap-between-who-you-are-and-how-you-live-%E2%80%93-part-2-your-ideal-home/ ) I hope everyone checks it out. You’re right. There is a movement towards self love in the midst of this electronic din that we self impose and create. I take full responsibility for both getting sucked in and for weaning myself off. And now that I’m moving in ways that makes sense to me, I do feel those open arms you speak of embracing me. Thanks Laurie.

  21. Thank you Alex. Powerful feels right.

  22. Laurie, it was taken about twenty years ago, just after I’d met my husband. Despite the permed and dyed hair, I chose the photo because I remember feeling very comfortable with who I was at the time.

  23. Scott, interesting what a little switching off does for the creativity. Overnight it’s made me realize how habitual and addictive all that flitting about the internet had become for me. Highly addictive, entire-day-wastingly addictive. I no longer had time for me, and at times I was almost operating on autopilot, being reactive not active, and that just felt plain wrong. Turning that “stuff” off as I write is a lot like decluttering the soul so it has room to move around and make itself heard.

  24. Gail, knowing why you started to blog is the gateway to your true path. And it is a wonderful and rewarding path you have chosen to embark upon. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach more people, but people aren’t numbers and “likes” aren’t the be all and end all. Follow the breadcrumbs not the numbers and you’ll gather momentum and create that “outlet to share”.

  25. Katie, this post really resonates with me; I’m feeling “off track” myself. I hope you find your way to peace once again.

  26. Kristy,

    I know what you mean about angry voices. I avoid them too. I also get overwhelmed by the volume of blogs about making money on line. Likely the web is getting saturated with that kind of content, partly because there is such a demand for it, but like you, my reaction is to sometimes wave it all off. I guess it’s all about finding voices that resonate and ideas that make sense to you. You don’t want to read about making-a-living on line and that’s fair.

    As for seeing me as a minimalist or not, I’d love to be considered a minimalist but I don’t label myself that. I have been called it before, I often guest post on minimalist blogs and I see it as an honour – I would like to be considered someone who offers advice on keeping things simple and joyful – if that’s minimalist then great.

    Thanks for being so passionate in your comments. You’re allowed.

  27. Rick, I’m with you and I think both Kristy and I agree that there’s nothing wrong with supporting oneself. I’ve tried to do this in a way that feels aligned with my goal of helping and inspiring others. So I offer something free, something for sale and then let people know that if they want the something for sale but can’t afford it, they can have it for free. This has led to some amazing private communications with readers sharing their stories with me. I am only to happy to gift it to those in need.

  28. Allie, I love how the November winds have rustled up the desire for change in many of us. And I love that you are embracing retirement as a time to find meaning and well being in your days. You are an inspiration.

  29. Allan, I guess we get off track because it’s not natural to sit and click all day. We’re getting so good at it that we’re becoming robotic. Feels a little Matrix-like doesn’t it? Time to jump out of the virtual into the real. And you’re right, it’s peaceful to unplug.

  30. Kim

    I’m still working my way through your new e-book. Taking my time and really working through the assignments has made a big difference in a couple of areas. So many thanks again for your generosity.

    I’m also a bit like Kristy. Minimalism to me is more than just a list. It also means “my fair share” of resources. So caring for the environment, eating good clean food, and living a small life are all important to me. <>

  31. Alex

    Beautiful post as usual Mom. I love the peace and calm in your writing, and I absolutely love that photo of you! xo

  32. Donna Leon

    I echo Alex’s comments. I love the photo and the peace and calm. I’ve been thinking about the same lately – getting off the bandwagon, unplugging, getting more joy from simplicity. I found that in Bali recently, and I can’t wait to return to that idyllic island. Thanks for sharing, Katie.

  33. Gorgeous post Katie and divine words that fall from your thoughts onto the keyboard. We are just lucky you still write because I crave your writing through and through…..
    I am so proud of how you are staying committed to balance and I know that is your path to success on your terms….There is nothing to forgive. Thank you for a lovely article I love the younger yet the very same Katie in the photo :) !

  34. Hi Kim, Lovely. I’m glad you are embracing the e-book as the workbook it was intended to be. It’s great to hear that it’s making a difference. Just let it be what you need it to be and flow with it. I like your idea of living a small life – which, as you’ve defined it, sounds quite sane, caring and large, really, in so many ways.

  35. My darling girl! You are sweet and you are much of the reason for my peace and calm. Love you Alex.

  36. Donna, thank you for sharing too. It’s no wonder you’ve been thinking about simple joy – I’ve heard Bali is a place where simple joy abounds. I hope you get back there soon – even if it’s just in spirit.

  37. Thank you for your sweet encouragement, Farnoosh. I’m blessed to have such a talented and wonderful friend to root for me and lead the way in teaching me about balance and how to define success on my own terms. You do all of this my dear and inspire me to do the same.

  38. You remind each person he is always more than enough.
    Intrinsic value and unconditional self-acceptance are timeless.

  39. Oh, Katie, that was just beautiful.

    And as a new blogger who’s been wondering how the heck “you guys” do it, now I know… Already I am noticing those same compulsive behaviors you mention and I am just a babe (in the blogging sense, anyway.) ;-)

    Whew. Thanks so much for this, and the glimpse into how it can be… and how it can be. There is a choice, isn’t there?

  40. Hi Katie,
    I’m one of your biggest fans, and understand exactly where you’re coming from Katie. I’ve purposely tried to stay out of that race with my blog. I knew it would change the way I felt about blogging, which I love, and might burn me out to the point where I wanted to walk away. I had another blog two years ago and I learned from my mistakes on that one that, for me, slow and easy is better.

    Live, love, laugh – all in balance and about what makes YOU feel good, not what you think you’re supposed to do all the time.

  41. This is a wonderful reminder and so eloquently stated.
    Thank you,

  42. Katie, I love how you open this post. I can imagine the scene perfectly. Your descriptions are lovely. And, I also love how you describe the laptop as life support, side effect of launching a book and seeing it reach others? I find the computer almost calls me, come here you are missing out – no, I will come to you when I’m ready and when I want something (talking to computer not you)!

    I’m glad you’ve found your breadcrumbs. I know I write better when I’m still and create space. When I rush to get a post done without being still, well it’s not that pretty and not that inspiring. Writing to me has begun a life change that I’m exciting to embrace, yet working on sticking with it, just like we all are. I keep thinking I need to go back to tracking my time daily! Instead, I remember what I wrote, what you wrote, what others are striving for, and I just slow down. Others rat race doesn’t have to be our rat race :)

  43. Thanks for this….I’ve been going through a transformation the last few months, really CRAZY transformation on many months – but the best part is that it hasn’t been difficult to embrace such positive change. I might have to take a couple steps back to move forward and that will be tough, but the changes that I have undergone will make myself more aligned with who I’m meant to be.

  44. Hey Katie
    It sounds like you have come a full circle and now you need to edge back out of the forest a little so that you can see the trees again. I’ve also found myself totally overwhelmed with all the information and the addictive draw to be online constantly. I wrote my last post about that feeling. I’m sure you will find your balance again very soon. Thank you for such a heartfelt post.

  45. With a great big exuberance and joy of living life fully – delving into our beloved passions – it is easy to get lost in the swirls of activities.
    Passion can lead us into mad activity as we pursue the road with wild enthusiasm and we run the risk of not sitting with our self and giving self enough to time to reflect, breathe, and do the right kind of ‘nothing.’

    Thank you for sharing your experience of connecting with your reflection. Your beautiful poetic words entice us readers to do the same. Whether you want to be a leader or not, you are a magnificent one.

  46. Hear, hear! And here’s to not losing oneself and to remembering that the paths we take in blogland and in life are always our choices to make.

    And these words — move in a direction that enhances, empowers and deepens your life — what an even more wonderful world it would be if we all remembered to do so.

  47. Liara, it is something I’ve learned as a parent. My daughter has taught me about love and it’s many facets – including self love. I’m glad that is the reminder that stands out for you.

  48. Patti, it does seem like there’s a bit of an epidemic, but I think we know the cure. Choose your own way and let the rest go. I really do believe it might be less super-powered, but I think heart-powered works too.

  49. Angela, I knew you’d understand. I’m not walking away, but I am walking my way. That’s the only “should” I’ll follow. Thanks for your kindhearted support.

  50. The Exception, thank you. I’m happy to gently remind.

  51. Marci, I’m really happy we’re connecting online. You’re right about stillness and creating space being great for writing. I’m happy for you and the wonderful life change that writing has inspired in you.

  52. Carolina, crazy, positive change — sounds awesome! And the fact that you’re feeling aligned with who you’re meant to be, what a gift you’ve given yourself. Bravo!

  53. Hi Rosemary, it does feel a little circular in that I think I began from the right place, got slightly off course in my habits, and am now returning to that initial spark of who I am and why I’m doing this. The trees are looking lovely these days so maybe you’re right about edging out of the forest a little. I hope you find your balance too. Can’t wait to check out your post.

  54. Aileen, you are so right about passion leading us into mad, swirling activity. I know you’ve felt it too and written about your own wild enthusiasm. Thank you for sweetly encouraging me. Your words always makes me smile.

  55. That concept of choice, Belinda, can get lost so easily in the mundane, but I have felt a deepening these pasts few days that I want to hold on to and that is reminding me that the paths I take are, as you point out, “always our choices to make”. Thank you for being one of my believing mirrors.

  56. Katie,

    You continue to be my guiding light on this journey! It’s strange how fast things can take on a life of their own. I started my blog because I love to write and share my experiences and I wanted to connect with other like-minded people. I have to keep reminding myself, that’s what I’m doing, and that’s all that really matters. Even if my blog never grows to the size of yours or beyond, it doesn’t really matter…because I’ve had the opportunity to meet you and so many other wonderful people that I would have never met otherwise. That is more than enough, and what you do and share here…it’s both wonderful and more than enough. :)

  57. Hi Katie,
    I don’t know what else to add to the outpouring of love you have received over this post. It really is beautiful in its transparency and honesty. Sometimes it feels like blogging and balance are mutually exclusive, but they don’t have to be. As Mary says, we can grow in our own time. There’s no hurry. Just smile, breathe, and . . . (you fill in the blank :)

  58. Adrienne, it is an amazing community we’ve found ourselves in and I’m glad we’re here rambling around in it together. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful positivity and you are such a big part of that. Thank you.

  59. Thanks Barrie. Your presence is all I need to make my day. I’m glad you liked the post. Let’s see “smile, breathe and … oh you know what I’d add to that. Let’s leave it at that, shall we.

  60. Linda Gabriel

    Beautiful Katie. Thank you.

  61. Beautiful, Katie! I felt a deep connection to your words. You’re right, we have to love who we’ve been and who we are and think carefully about who we are becoming.
    Much love to you! Really lovely writing here.

  62. Thanks so much, Linda.

  63. Melissa, I’m so happy you connected so deeply with the post. I can see why from how you’ve carefully crafted your own direction — a direction true to who you are. Much love to you too.

  64. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Katie. I am so lost and overwhelmed with my new online lifestyle sometimes… so much, in fact, that I barely turned on the computer last week and enjoyed actual human interaction every day with friends and family. I’m finding it a bit difficult to find a balance right now… but know that as long as I remember who I am and why I started writing to begin with, I’ll find that perhaps I’ve been going in the right direction all along.

    It’s good to be connected to good people. Keep on keeping on…
    Tina V

  65. Tina, sounds like you needed that break and discovered that you don’t have balance right now. That’s a great place to start from, to regroup from and to reassess from, like I did. From that place of overwhelm, you can find a new place more aligned with your right direction. I’m so glad we connected too. Gotta love those chance meetings. Take it easy, get back to loving your writing and blogging your way.

  66. Katie,

    What a simple yet profound post, many times, a few of us are so focused on future that we forget who we are or where we came from, it is a great reminder.

    I love your younger picture too! Simply beautiful.


  67. Preeti, sometimes even looking at a picture of ourselves reminds us of who we are. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you found a simple message in the post.

  68. Brilliant, brilliant post. Truly. You could have been channeling what’s been in my head. My husband and I spent two hours on Sunday talking about this very subject. It is so easy to get lost in the logistics of life, so easy to get sucked down the wrong rabbit hole. You’ve written a truly beautiful road map that can guide us back to self!

  69. Hello Katie,

    I really appreciate your authenticity and clear advice. It seems like more and more of the bloggers I know are wanting to unplug more, return to balance, and reconnect with their original motivations. It’s a beautiful movement.

  70. This is a lovely post – poetic, inspirational, practical. Thank you for the gentle reminder to stay connected to one’s purpose.

  71. Jen

    What a beautiful and eloquent post Katie and this really resonated with where I am ~ thank you.


  72. Ande, I think it’s floating about the universe, this need to wake from the dreamy coma of our logistical nightmares and simply live in a gentle, peaceful way. I’m happy the post spoke to you. Love the dog.

  73. Sandra, thank you for your kind words. I’ve noticed this beautiful movement too and I’m feeling it’s pull more and more.

  74. R.S. you are very welcome. I hope the inspiration leads you somewhere wonderful and purposeful.

  75. Hey Jen, hope where you are is a peaceful and joyful place. Much love to you.

  76. Hi Katie,
    Lovely blog! Just linked here through your guest post at zen habits, and have subscribed to your RSS. Here’s to keeping that momentum going :) Namaste.

  77. Welcome Nancy. So glad you found me through one of my favourite blogs and subscribed. The gathering grows, as does momentum. Namaste.

  78. Bless you … thank you for all that you’ve given, and for making a bold and valuable statement about the value of self care …
    ~ Jane

  79. Jane, the blessing is having a caring friend such as you to share this bold and valuable journey with. Thank you for your wonderful review today. It had been the icing on the cake of this very special week for me.

  80. A beautiful post,katie! I read your post at Zen habits today and I just wanted to tell you that I loved it!

  81. Ayala, it’s lovely of you to take the time to say so. Thank you.

  82. I just copied and printed this list and am going to hang it on the wall above my monitor as a daily reminder.


  83. Jasmine, that’s wonderful. I just re-read them myself and felt the same joy I had when I wrote them. I hope they empower you and lift you.

  84. I love to read this and will copy and print it. I found you from another blogger. I will be back to read and be inspired.

  85. Thank you for reminding me of this post, Jackie. It lurks in the side bar of my blog, because it is one of my most popular posts, but I forget about it. I, too, shall re-read and keep it closer to me as a reminder of who I want to be and who I am. I’m glad you felt inspired.

  86. Good info. I feel like I just came back from finding myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in other things.

  87. I know what you mean, Lea. I find life to be an exercise in constantly realigning with my true self – with lots of reminders, remembering, setting boundaries and letting go, all playing a part in the journey. I’m happy for you.

  88. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for audio

  89. Alma

    Great post! Thank you for sharing yourself.

  90. I remember going thorugh the exact same feeling…. You are powerful beyond belief. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. You are a wonderful wordsmith, who shares from the heart :) xo

  91. Great Post..

    Whatever you want to be with your life.. – you must be the person now..

    If you want to be a singer, start singing, a teacher, start teaching, a speaker, start speaking..

    Time waits for no man..

  92. Very inspirational Katie, great read. The world of form has such a strong pull.