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  1. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an interesting blog to check out.

  2. Hi Katie,
    Cupcakes down the street…that’s worse than Starbucks! We have a place called Sprinkles near us. I allow myself to go on my birthday;)

    I love Jodi’s story on how she met her partner. I’m thinking about ordering a journal for my granddaughter for Christmas. There are two I have in mind. Decisions…decisions.

    Unclear you mind and body with one of your beautiful walks and you’ll be fine. I never thought about all of those characters and separating them from reality. Talk soon!

  3. Hi Katie,

    I’ve heard actors have the same issues when consumed by a role. You are in the head of the characters and as a writer that is where you need to be right now. I agree with Tess, head out and take a walk. And as you know, inspiration is found in many things – perhaps in amazing cupcakes – food feeds the soul too.

  4. Hi Katie — I’ve just stumbled across MG, and like it very much. Well designed, approachable, thoughtful posts, well written. Following & look forward to checking in now and then. Great job!!

  5. Dearest Katie,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for recommending Soul Speak.
    I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed at exactly the right moment. People come into our lives just when we need them to…
    Sending you a big fat hug and so much love.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Katie. I’m going to check out Soul Speak… I’m in need of some inspiration myself today. Very timely!

  7. Hey there Debbie. Jodi has such a lovely spirit. Enjoy her blog.

  8. Tess, I’m not sure I can wean myself off the cupcakes but I’m gonna try. I’m starting a cleanse at my yoga studio next week so that should help. I was thinking of ordering some journals too. They are lovely. Great gifts and made from recycled paper. Yes, I walked this morning and felt joyful and clear. xo

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Michelle. Cupcakes and writing. Hmmm.

  10. Jeffrey, glad you stumbled over here and like what you see. I appreciate the support.

  11. Jodi, thank you for sharing this day with me – blog to blog, soul to soul. Big fat hug right back at ya.

  12. That’s great Barbara. Jodi’s created a lovely vibe over at Soul Speak. Bask in it, and take care.

  13. Katie,

    Thanks for sharing Jodi and her blog with us. It looks like it’s just the right medicine for me, too.


  14. Hi Alex, I think you’ll really find Jodi inspiring. Hope it helps you in some small or large way. All the best to you.

  15. Since I write non-fiction and interview “Gutsy” people with inspirational stories, especially elderly people, I feel like I get true wisdom from them. I also prefer to listen to the positive people, or those who have turned their life around. I don’t think I could write a novel like you.

  16. I think you likely could Sonia. A novel is just another way to explore the idea of story, maybe your own story and your own wisdom. I think what you do sounds amazing and inspiring. Maybe one day a novel will emerge from all those wonderful characters you’re meeting and interviewing.

  17. Katie,

    How have you been? You changed your Gravatar picture, still you look as pretty.

    I would have never thought of putting dazed and inspired together but it works here in this post. I have to check out the bakery (darn they are bit too far away) and Soul speak blog, luckily thanks to internet, I can see it from where I am at.

    Take care.


  18. Hello Preeti, long time no see. I’ve been very well. Enjoy Soul Speak, Jodi is just great. Take care dear friend.

  19. Hi Katie,
    I know what you mean about having one foot in imagination and the other in this world. I have always had an active and vivid imagination and sometimes it can seem like a challenge to fully ground myself in this reality. But I digress as well.

  20. Justin, you’re lucky to have an active and vivid imagination and perhaps that makes you more grounded than most. This reality is just one of many and who’s to say the others aren’t as lovely and worthwhile and solid.

  21. took your advice. went to soul speak. more motivated already