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  1. Oh my Katie. What a passionately beautiful preamble to your kind recommendation of my course. Where do those words come from? Do you have some kind of bubbling, boiling cauldron of word stew that you ladle up for these exquisite posts? Will you serve me up a bowl please? Thank you so much for recommending my course to your readers and for the delectible thoughts on passion.

    • Thanks Barrie. Your course is awesome and I hope my readers give it a try. They won’t regret exploring their deepest selves even if they feel unsteady – maybe it will help steady them or at least help them find their path. Love your course and love you for creating it and being the wonderful human being I know you to be.

      • I loved reading this exchange, this beautiful show of friendship and partnership and true praise of a great work. Best of luck with the course, Barrie, it’s exciting and I do hope many people, Katie’s readers and more, enjoy it. Katie’s words are amazing, she is just gifted that way :) !!

  2. Hi Katie,
    What I appreciate about your writing is that it often speaks to me beyond the ordinary and at the soul level. Thank you for sharing your restless, random, passionate self here.

  3. Hello Katie,
    Yes. Every day is an opportunity to appreciate the day’s splendor over the mundane-a daily gratitude. Just to think of all mysteries in life is enough to soar one’s spirit.
    Best wishes,

  4. Joy

    Hi Katie,
    I *love* this: “Because when we lurch in random directions, when our spirit curls up, struts about and sways restlessly in the wind, when we feel feverish in the core of our being – this is when we know we are home. We are on our crooked path – we are pointing, bending, leaning, however unsteadily in the direction of our purpose, and ultimately, of our passion in life.” It is exactly where I am at in life..and now I can celebrate because you’ve given me the insight I’m home..in these moments then, I can surrender to the ‘comforts’ of home, rather than resist the newness of some foreign land..
    I read your words and I think I tend to enjoy soaring/extraordinary..and sometimes I forget my groundedness..which is why most recently I am back to basics..long beachwalks by the water’s edge, hiking in the hills..longing for balance as I create new in my life..
    I love the passion of this piece–thank you!

    • Joy, you have taken from this post exactly what I had hoped it would convey. That where you are, feeling at once grounded and at the same time able to fly, how you need both, that that place is worth embracing in all it’s unsteadiness. I’m so happy you heard the passion and took it in. Long beach walks – how lucky you are.

  5. Hi Katie,

    I love how you sum it up: “Our spirits can soar above the mundane in life”. We CAN all soar… if we allow ourselves to begin the journey.

    It may seem an uncertain path and we might prefer to have the way mapped out for us. Yet, the true route to our passion only reveals itself when we actually step out.

    Going astray, stumbling and even falling up could all happen to us as we go – or maybe they won’t. But, we can always move onwards despite the setbacks.

    • Scott, first let me say that I am honoured that you read and comment every time I post. Now, don’t feel because I’ve said that that you have to, but I just felt like it was time to say it. Eileen and Joy too. And others. I’m not singling you out, just saying thanks for being so engaged. It’s most appreciated.

      Now back to the post. You said it well. It’s that uncertain path, not quite mapped out, the one we stumble along, that will take us where we need to go. You are right, we can all soar if we take that step. Just one step. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

  6. I am currently feeling restless and passionately unsteady. I am about to embark on something that I once thought was a crazy notion and am coming to think is not so nut-o, but still know that it could change so very much for me. Which can be plenty of good and plenty to wrestle with and some not so great. I’m fearful but full steam ahead. I’m really excited. I am full of passion but absolutely unsteady. Thank you for the encouragement to continue to be so.

    • Kristy, I’m smiling reading your comment. “Thank you for the encouragement to continue to be so”. I love that I can encourage your bravery, your life change, your fearlessness, your desire to be nut-o. Way to go. I hope this new adventure takes you down a wonderful path. Much love to you.

  7. Hi Katie, I’m a pretty recent subscriber to your blog, but I’ve loved your posts so far. I love your passion and your writing style. It’s fresh and much different than many other bloggers. Have a great day. Kristen

  8. Kim

    Katie — You do seem to find ways to speak right to the soul. I’m feeling all giddy because I found my passion, a way to use my passion, and now I feel like a kid whose parents are getting ready to take off the training wheels. I bounce between elation and trepidation.

    • Kim, what a great place to be. That giddiness is like falling in love. I’m so happy for you and wish you much success in heading off without training wheels into the wild, blue yonder.

  9. Hi Katie! I love the power of your phrase “Only you can choose to soar.” This is such an empowering statement that it makes me want to soar. I love the idea that the power is all in our hands. It’s our choice how high we fly and nobody can be in our way if you choose to.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Loving blessings!

    • Andrea, moving towards your inner power — knowing you have control of your own destiny is how you’ll fly. I’m loving that you are so inspired. Blessings to you too.

  10. Oh how I love this, Katie. Keep those soulful words flowing. We can never get too much enocuragement to fan that fire within that makes us feel alive and whole.

    Also, thanks for the lovely mention. I appreciate it.

  11. Jeanie Witcraft


    You’re another soul sister! *big hugs* You don’t know who I am (yet) but I would like to say
    THANK YOU for wobbling your way to freedom and SHEER CONNECTED JOY.

    :D I am euphorically happy for you, for me, for all of your readers. Found my Legacy last night on my 1000 miles to Freedom.

  12. I needed to hear this ;) Passion is like a fever, love that, it goes to give us a break and comes when we need it. The stillness is as important as the work – got it and hope to own it!

    And, most of all, I love how the opening quote fits with the tree and the darling photo. To be at home in our skin, no matter what season of life we are experiencing, is truly a gift.

    • Marci, I think you already do own it on your blog and in your life and work. It’s just remembering to feel that, no matter where you find yourself. You’re right, stillness helps us grow just as much as hard work. There’s that old balance thing again.

  13. Katie must you be so brilliant???? “Our spirits can soar above the mundane in life.But they also need strong roots, connection, grounding, stillness and balance. That’s why we sometimes feel lost. We root ourselves so strongly that we forget that we can soar. We ground ourselves in safe choices and forget that what truly grounds us and connects us is our spirit letting go, taking risks and flying.”

    I’m okay with my overflowing passions although I trip over them as I desire to hurry as my feet take tiny slow steps. I believe I’m part snail, part eagle :)

    • Aileen, I must, I must! Just kidding. Part snail, part eagle, part dancer, part passion seeking human being. Love all your crazy, soaring, grounded, amazing parts. That sounds slightly kinky — what I mean is, I love all the parts of your soul, not your body parts. Although you are fabulously beautiful in person too, my dear. xo

  14. Katie, such a beautiful post! I love your writing style, and the inspiration you provide. Thank you!

  15. Amazing choice of imagery. Awesome picture as well. Great lessons about living life fully and being witnesses to the beauty of being alive. Jaw-dropping. Mind-provoking. Soul-filling. All the great things learned and appreciated through this post. Hmmm. Inspired the writer in me as well. Now there’s an idea for the next post.

  16. Katie:

    What a wonderful honest and authentic post. I came to your site from your Problogger post (that was great also). I’m very glad to have found you!

    This line kinda summarizes what I’m all about: “A spiritual revolution can’t solve all our problems on its own, but without such a revolution of the spirit, there is no hope of achieving a lasting solution to our problems at all.” Thanks for sharing your randommess, restlessness and passion Katie!



    • Paul, great to meet you. Sandra is a wise woman and the line you quoted is hers. She truly lives that and it’s great to hear that you do too. I’m glad you stopped by.

  17. Nice to meet you Katie. I was very impressed by your Problogger guest post – I’ve certainly felt that sense of “overwhelm”. Enjoyed this post very much to so will be following and look forward to my kit, it may be the perfect time for me.

    • Cheryl, it’s really nice to meet you too. I’m so glad people are popping by from Problogger. I hope you enjoy the Life Cleanse Starter Kit. It’s my little gift to readers and subscribers to help them gather awareness, ease and momentum. Welcome to Momentum Gathering. All the best, Katie

  18. Ciao, Katie.

    First, thank you for your kindness.

    Second, I think that people who change and try to create new things often feel these struggles.

    **Because when we lurch in random directions, when our spirit curls up, struts about and sways restlessly in the wind, when we feel feverish in the core of our being – this is when we know we are home. We are on our crooked path – we are pointing, bending, leaning, however unsteadily in the direction of our purpose, and ultimately, of our passion in life.**

    It’s really true, what you write. It is on the path that we feel the most vulnerable. We have very little else to guide us other than our own ability to listen to ourselves and maybe some loving words of people who care. But if we are careful and intuitive, we go in the direction that was meant to be. I truly believe that.

    I also love the exploding taco, but that’s no surprise :)

    xoxo have a beautiful day. Thank you for being there.

    • Ciao Diana, vulnerability is a great word. It suggests an openness to trying and failing, to not being perfect, but being authentic. That’s when intuition kicks in or the tacos begin to explode. Either way, it makes for a spicy journey. Thanks for sharing and caring, Diana.