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  1. Dear Katie,

    Amen to everything you’ve shared here! I’m so excited for your daughter…and so proud of you for being brave enough to let her go and for being such an incredible source of encouragement and support for her! This is definitely the way I live my life, and always have, and this is mostly because of the amazing support I’ve received from my mom over the years. She’s never once told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something. She’s always believed in me, and therefore, made me believe in myself. This fabulous and inspiring picture of your daughter is a beautiful reflection of you and the wings that you’ve given her!! It reminds me of the song my mom “gave” me when I left for college: “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack. Whenever I send pictures like this to my mom, she always says, “Keep dancing baby girl!”

    Thanks for being another rockin mom, and keep dancing! Like you said, it can be uncomfortable or even scary, but it’s the only way to live! :)

  2. Adrienne, your mom sounds amazing. Love that song. Now you’ve made me teary. Thanks for sharing and for being an inspiration to so many. You truly are an amazing woman and you’re mom has every right to be proud. xo

  3. Dear Katie,
    As always it is wonderful to read your inspirational pieces. You really write with a passion that helps to reflect upon ones self. I like how you say that fear can sometimes be a motivator to help change it help me think.

  4. Thanks Valerie. I really appreciate the kind words about my writing. It’s not hard to feel great love and have it spill onto the page when I’m writing about my child. I hope you are inspired to face any fears you might have.

  5. First of all what an amazing adventure for your daughter! Lucky, lucky girl.

    Second of all, wow that was exactly what I needed to read right now. About to approach an exciting but with random fear popping up with this big fat change in my life.

  6. Hi Katie, That is so true that fear can be the door to our awakening! I too took that journey out of the nest when I was your daughter’s age. A decade later and half way around the world, I feel like all my fears which held me back and propelled me forward at the same time, have awoken my true self, and it is so lovely to meet her!

  7. Debbie, I’m so glad this post came when you needed it. Good for you for changing your life in exciting new ways. Let those doors open. I wish you much success on your journey.

  8. Leah what an amazing sentiment, “all my fears which held me back and propelled me forward … have awoken my true self” – amazing, inspiring – meeting oneself is an awakening. So happy for you.

  9. Good for your daughter!! I’m sure it’ll be a life-changing experience. And – I love to think of F.E.A.R. as being ‘False Expectations Appearing Real’. It’s gotten me thru a lot of it!!!

  10. Your daughter looks so happy there in Paris. Sometimes our kids can remind us to let go of our fears and experience the world. My son returned last August from a 5 month trip traveling alone much of the time. I often feared for him and was so happy when he returned home safely. When our kids, or any of us go out of our comfort zone, explore and take a few risks, we become stronger, more confident people.

  11. What a beautiful photo and great inspiration you daughter is for all of us today. Fear comes in all different sizes. Sometimes it’s far harder to let it go than others. Sometimes we need help. It’s OK to ask for help too.

    Thanks for your inspiring perspective on fear.

  12. Adorable and fearless. Two of my girls spent their senior year.in high school as exchange students. Looking back I can’t believe I allowed them to do it. One went to New Zealand, didn’t see her for a year. The other went to Mexico and we visited twice. Yes she’ll come home a different person more wonderful than ever. You must miss her.

  13. Francesca

    That’s a great photo, it reminds me when my daughter travelled to Paris with only the airline escort
    service at 12 years old! She went to visit her grandmother for the summer.My heart nearly sank to the floor when she boarded. She was scared and excited at the same time. I knew she would have such an amazing life experience, that was the one thing that gave me that courage to get through
    that day. I knew it was good practice for all the future departures she would make in her lifetime.
    Katie, your blog is one of the most powerful and honestly written one that I have read.

  14. Hi Katie,

    Here’s to the big adventures, and having the courage to break away from our comfort zone. Thank you for sharing your fearless explorer with us ~ she’s an inspiration to young and old alike. Even when you’re over 50 it can sometimes still feel like flying for the first time when you leave the comfort of the nest you’ve built. Thank you for the motivation to keep taking those chances and trying new things. Bravo!! :~)


  15. This lovely post comes at a perfect time for my 24 year old daughter who is making a huge leap and moving to New York City in 3 days. She is nervous and a little scared about what is ahead for her, so of course I have shared your post with her. I hope your wise words will help her realize that her fear might just be the excited about the unknown and that it really will be the beginning of her big dream (She is going to a fantastic job there!) Thank you for this, and I wish your daughter all the best as well!

  16. Joy

    Hi Katie,
    Congratulations to you and your daughter..her energy in the photo purely radiates!
    I’ve raised my children to know my “job” as their mom is to show them their wings so that they may fly. They may custom their wings and their voyages, and choose to rest a bit in between, may fly solo or with friends..the flight details are up to them at every age..and my job is to guide them to it. Which means I must fly as well..can’t teach them if I’m grounded:)
    Fear may be a powerful motivator when we allow it to be..thank you for sharing with us such a lovely way to travel beyond that fear:)

  17. Marcie, yes I think you’re right. I can already see the change in her expression. I like your acronym – so much of what we fear never materializes in reality.

  18. Katie,
    What an upbeat and inspiring story…and one so close to home (and yet so far!) for you. And that’s what makes this so wonderful – the personal side of all of this. That, and what your daughter IS doing….truly living life!

    …may we all shine that fearless explorer in us…

  19. Hi Cathy, yes she is happy. Amazing how much we can learn from our children.

  20. Sandra, thank you and I agree. It is okay to ask for help even if what we fear is small. It is still real to us.

  21. Tess, you are such a brave mom. An entire year! Gosh, this month has been way too long. I do miss her, but she comes home tomorrow so I’m thrilled.

  22. Francesca, it is such a journey of the heart this letting go of our children, this desire on their part to see more of the world, but all of it is so essential to our growth and to theirs. Thank you for the lovely comment about my writing. One of the nicest I’ve ever received. Big hugs to you, my dear.

  23. Katie, that’s wonderful! Way to go, indeed.

    A little family ritual to share: whenever I’d head off to summer camp or another adventure away from my parents, my dad would always be sure to tell me, “Take every opportunity to enjoy yourself.”
    This was both a warning and a word of confidence, as it’s a quote from (the BBC version of) Pride & Prejudice. In context, it’s an ill-spoken piece of advice from the mother to her unwise youngest daughter, who is about to elope with an unscrupulous man. Yet whenever my dad would say it to me, it always felt like a blessing. It was as though he was saying, “Be careful,” but also, “I trust you NOT to do something foolish!”

    As such, I hope your daughter takes every opportunity! :)

  24. Sue, yes here’s to the big adventures and flying out of our nests … I find with age I’m less fearful of leaving that comfort zone, and it feels so good to embrace the new. Glad you were inspired.

  25. Michelle, I hope your daughter has a wonderful time in New York. Mine felt quite lost at the beginning of her adventure, but soon, with the help of a few friends, she found her stride and everything changed. I’m sure your daughter will find her way too once she gets past those initial scary days. Life will never be the same and she’ll grow and experience so much living in such an incredible city. All the best to her, and to you.

  26. Joy, you are so right. We teach our kids by example, but in the end they do it their own way. Thanks as always for sharing your insights as a wonderful mom.

  27. Lance, I love your wish. “May we all shine that fearless explorer in us.” On so many levels, that sentiment and hope can be realized by anyone and everyone. Thank you dear friend for your soulful contribution.

  28. Caroline, your dad is very wise. Take opportunities to enjoy life. Fear can mask the experience and stop of us from being where we are. Presence … maybe that’s what he meant … be present. Thank you for sharing your family ritual.

  29. Nice piece, I had to come check it out from my reader. Perfecting timing too. I’m going up to deliver my first ever open-mike stand-up comedy act. Five minutes. I’m about pooping myself!

    I was motivated to try some wild things after I coached my 5 yr old kid to deliver a great poem in front of many people (My Five Year Old Failed In Front Of Hundreds: How Cool Is That?) and then I realized that I should also be blowing my barriers away to. If I ask my kid to do 1 thing, I should do 3. I’m exhilirated and nervous, but I look forward to how great I’ll feel having made that deposit into the personal-development bank account!

  30. i agree with you, but sometimes life are different when we need to deal with them face to face… although – you gave me lots of inspiration! thanks!

  31. Hi Katie,
    Well first thing I would say is that you don’t have to worry about babies being switched at birth. Your daughter looks very much like you. That’s a big old leap out of the comfort zone, you must be very proud of your daughter.

  32. i recently was chosen to do a presentation at work…the first time someone at my level was chosen….and so to compensate for that pressure, i worked really hard. i had naysayers come up to me and tell me they thought i was too inexperienced to do the presentation and then i had people tell me that they were glad i had this opportunity (how awesome!)…the day of the presentation, i was ready to rumble (and to get it over with). The first five minutes, my voice cracked. but as i flipped through the slides, i grew more confident and found my strength. i was applauded and people told me that even though i sounded nervous at the beginning, i did better than anybody at any level would have done.

  33. The problem for me is not necessarily fear, in the normal sense. It’s more like dreading disappointment when the thing I go after doesn’t turn out right (which happens more often than not)

  34. “live your life fully, even if it scares you sometimes.” Truly the greatest advice! I often think of fear as this paper thin barrier that appears to be an insurmountable concrete wall – until the moment we pass through it.

  35. Alex, I think it’s wonderful that your child inspired you to push your own limits. Exhilarated and nervous is kind of a great place to find yourself. Well done.

  36. Sapir, yes dealing with things in life, face to face, is not easy but can be what makes us stronger in the end. Glad you were inspired.

  37. Riley, yes I have pictures of myself as a young girl that you’d swear were her. I’m proud of her in so many ways. She just got back yesterday and seems a little different. Just a bit more of the woman she is becoming and less of the girl she was.

  38. Carolina, great story. It is sad that people feel the need to naysay, but I suppose it gives us fuel to prove them wrong, and that kind of negativity is more about them than us anyway. You sound confident in your professional abilities and your inner strength. Awesome is right!

  39. Henway, I think if most of us did a tally, we’d find a lot of what we go after doesn’t work out as planned, but at least we go after it. I hear you though, disappointment can be a tough one. I’ve definitely felt that sting when you try something that’s outside your comfort zone, and you bomb. It’s hard but it happens and we pick ourselves up and try something else. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Aileen, love your analogy of fear as a paper thin barrier that can feel impenetrable. It reminds me of the flow required when we approach our fears, the letting go that’s needed to pass through them. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  41. Katie, I love how you describe fear as a padded cell, comfortable but stuck. Fear is a sign we are alive. To live in spite of it is the journey. Love this!

  42. Marci, thank you so much for the encouragement and kindness. I’m glad the article resonated with you. Yes, fear does tell us we are alive. Indeed!

  43. Katy, I am with you all the way. After living for 42 years in my home town, yesterday I just put my home up for sale to move on. I’m recently on my own so I’m heading for where the coast and the forest meet in the South of the UK to start a new life. Yes it’s scary and big and a gamble but what’s worse, staying where you aren’t growing even if it’s familiar, or striking out into the world to discover every potential you possibly could have? To be happier than you are right now. Be it Paris or Papua New Guinea when you push your own boat out it will always land in a different shore. So, all hands on deck…..

  44. Dear John, I wish you a wonderful voyage as you cast out into unknown waters. I’m sorry life has thrown you some curves, but it sounds like you are embracing fear and doubt and simply, beautifully living. I’m happy for you. Much love. And thank you for sharing so openly.

  45. Krizia | Women Entrepreneurs HQ Show


    Hurray for your daughter’s courage!

    May we all be able to learn from her action and take a chance and live our own life to the max!

    There is so much waiting to emerge from each and everyone of us.

    Women Entrepreneurs HQ Show