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  1. shel

    Katie, thank you for your unfailing/unflinching honesty. I admire how you accept and embrace the hurdles of life without beating yourself up (too much…). As women, sometimes just admitting you can’t do EVERYthing at once is tantamount to beating up oneself; an unfortunate reality. I thoroughly enjoy your insights. Thanks for staying in touch with us!

  2. Hi Katie – I wondered how the novel was going with the new puppy in you life – not to mention your other responsibilities. Thanks for sharing your feelings up close and personal with us. After all, Super Woman only exists in the comics. When we can come to terms with that, we can focus on what is important this moment. Priorities change and I know your book will top the list once again. Puppies are wonderful but they take so much time and they ARE the priority. Good luck my dear.

  3. A love letter or any letter of encouragement can make a difference. Hemingway suggested ( A Moveable Feast) not to exhaust all your ideas on that day and to leave something for the following day to make it easier to start writing again.
    Go for it. Your novel will get written.

  4. Lovely post. Always enjoy reading your posts, but this one – just had to come over and comment. I go through this often and use “self-talk” by writing a letter to myself, trying to look objectively from the outside. Not always easy, but it often works. Old childhood habit (thank you, Mom).

    I am sure you WILL write that book. :-) because you’re pretty much amazing, you know.

    Best, Vidya

  5. Robyn

    A wonderful post. Thank you. I needed to read it. I have so many ideas for books in my mind and “no time”. I really like the idea of just writing – even for five mins – the joy of revelling in words – OMG – I’m doing it now! Wow! Thank you!
    Good luck with your writing!

  6. Your love affair with letters, words and sentance fragments is so apparent here. Your novel is obviously bubbling inside you, just waiting to get out.

    I frequently have a hard time finding/making time for my writing. Working from home with my three small children with me makes focusing difficult. I utilize early mornings and/or late nights and do what I can with that. I listen to my body and work with my energy. Each day is different and I’m happy with whatever I can accomplish.

    Each day I know I’m doing my best (which changes from day to day) and that’s the best I can do.

  7. “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”

    If you want to do it and have a passion for it – do it..!

    It will automatically make you happy as you pursue it..!

  8. I understand what you’re saying Katie. For me it seems the less I force it or try to schedule it the more time I find to write. When it pours out it pours out. When it’s dry it’s dry. I’ve learned to take advantage of the times I truly need to write, because it is a need, and to stop beating myself up when it’s just not flowing.
    Thanks for this post.

  9. Katie, My favorite line: “Make your own rules from a loving place.” You’ve inspired me to create one new rule from a new perspective. Thank you.

  10. I’m trying to write non-fiction, but i guess it’s still writing a book… at first i thought i was making excuses about not having worked on a sample chapter for the publisher and i wince each time as i see the un-replied-to email from an agent… i got stressed. but i reevaluated, similar to your questions above. other things i’m doing also help my building blocks towards being a writer. so i just need to relax. and stop pushing myself too much. discipline is needed. but no need to stress out
    good luck with your venture!

  11. Love your honest words Katie! Thanks. Life intrudes sometimes but I always think that’s the way we know if we are really suppose to move forward on something, if in the midst of “life” you can still see the “light” that you need to follow and follow through with it. Good Luck and will love to read your progress.

  12. shel, I think women have an amazing capacity for empathy and selflessness so we tend to forget about our own needs, our own humanity and to simply allow ourselves to be imperfect. I’m imperfect on so many levels that if I didn’t at least accept that fact, I’d hate myself. Instead I choose to love my struggling, inconsistent, ever hopeful self. Thanks for your support.

  13. Jack, the doing, the progress, the momentum felt by working towards something meaningful, are all indeed definitions of success and you’re right, the doing of what you love does bring happiness. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Michelle, my husband sees me as super woman, even though I pad around in pink fluffy crocks and men’s pyjamas half the time, so I half believe it at times.

    You said it. Levi is the priority right now. Thanks for your well wishes. It’s always a pleasure to see your smiling face on my blog. Love the short hair too!

  15. Edgar, I’ll follow Hemingway’s advice. Dip in, not exhaust my ideas, then dip in again the next day. Thanks for the rallying cry.

  16. Vidya, wonderful idea to use self talk and letter writing as a way to remove yourself from the emotions and get at the heart of how to work through a problem. Thanks so much for the encouragement and for taking the time to comment. You’re amazing too!

  17. Robyn, I’m so glad the post spoke to you. Maybe if you simply write for a few minutes a day, those ideas will begin to brew into something that becomes a book idea, then a draft, then a fully flowered book of some kind. I wish you much success on your creative journey. Revel away!

  18. Paige, oh my. Three children – I had one and found it difficult to focus. Good on you for using those precious mornings and late nights. I remember reading about Canadian writer, Carol Shields, and how she simply wrote at the kitchen table with her kids hollering and playing around her. It became her habit because she simply had to write. Now that’s focus. You’re right, each day is different, depending on how much sleep we get, if someone is sick, so do what you can with the pockets of time you find. Your best is truly all you can do. Good for you.

  19. Barbara, I suppose it’s like anything — if we force it, it won’t flow. Admonishment is such a waste of time. Agreed. Thanks for your input and keep on writing, when you feel the need.

  20. Cheryl, I like rules as long as they don’t make me feel bad about myself and are ones I can abide. Good luck with creating your own loving rule. Cheers!

  21. Noch Noch, It can be so stressful worrying what others need, are thinking, are expecting. I’m glad you reevaluated and found a way to relax into a disciplined, calm practice. Good luck to you too. Sounds like you’re well on your way.

  22. Gay, what a lovely insight. Yes, I feel like my novel is like a light, a little fur-covered these days, often distant, but always there. Thanks for caring and sharing.

  23. Mistie


    I have been following your blog for months now. I look forward to reading each post. You are always so real and so inspiring! Your words flow and seem to come from your soul. Can’t wait to read your novel!

  24. Your passion pops out of this page and resonates. Yes, “All great achievements require time” and attention.” and I believe they are worth the journey.
    Excuses do come about, but how long we let them stand in the way is a variable. It may be 6 weeks, 6 days or 6 years – to have the wisdom & courage to see an excuse for what it really is, and choose to go beyond it, that is the human spirit triumphing.

    Although I tend to “only” read biographies and books on spirit & growth, for sure I will read you novel, regardless of what its about because you a masterful writer who chooses words ever so creatively & carefully, that even if it’s a genre I don’t tend to like, I will for sure enjoy the artistry of the written word.

  25. Thank you, Mistie, for following and reading. It is truly an honour to have readers who care and are inspired. The support is most appreciated.

  26. Hi Aileen, It’s been too long. Strangely this post went out across feedburner again today. Not sure why. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something. Thank you for the supportive nature of your words and sentiments. Much love to you across the blogosphere. I hope you’re well.