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  1. Oh katie, again. “I am not all I could be, but I am all I need to be right now.” Thank you.

  2. It is unfolding. I have had to live this one and can relate on some level. 10 months, later I’m into the rebuilding stage of a business I left behind I had built over 10 years.

    One forgets all that went into 10 years. 10 months and I want it to be all built. I must let it unfold.

    Your writing feels like it is meandering in this post to you. To me it made sense, gave me some renewed direction in that I must let things unfold.


  3. Kay

    This was one I re-read over and over. Wow. It changed my day, at dawn, coupled with my friend Sally’s today’s poem of the day, a rictameter (http://www.poetryforyou.info/default.html)

    Unique are you,
    Unaware of the true
    Universe existing within –
    Ultimate beauty, love and wisdom, yet
    Untapped and unknown through
    Utter unconsciousness.
    Unwind, you are

    And only 3 days ago I retweeted: The Third Dimension – a Fold is enough to occupy me as I try to “fold through” my day! http://bit.ly/xEl8tI via @swissmiss

    Wow–folds everywhere this week and I am putting your post on an index card to carry around with me all day!!
    Perfectly put–but I am gushing because I feel so saved from the Slough of Despond, which is just falling into the wrong fold, isn’t it.

  4. Mistie

    Thanks for this post, for being so real and honest. I can definitely relate. Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves. We can only do so much and stay balanced. Take care of yourself. You will finish the novel when the time is right.

  5. I love your last 2 lines, “all you need to be – unfolding.” A work in progress, but a beautiful work, indeed.

    I feel this way when I take on more than I can chew on. Or, when I go for something without knowing how it fits into my life, my business. I try not to beat myself up, and see my meandering as part of the process. I may not have found my way any other way.

    I’m re-visioning my business/my blog this year, and I’m so excited to have a road map. Before I was jumping without looking which was exciting but lost. Now, I know exactly how all the pieces can fit together.

  6. Stephanie Cunningham Ortiz

    This was so beautifully written I felt like I was meandering along with you. Though I can’t say I’m even meandering these days:) I’ve got a puppy, too!

  7. This made me think of The Four Agreements, one of which is Do Your Best. The idea is to do your best each day. Each day your best will be different. Some days your best will be climbing to the next fold. Other days your best may be just getting out of bed. Just do your best because that’s the best you can do.

    The “spectacular” and “awe-inspiring” that are somehow “out there” don’t really exist. When those big goals have been achieved, the hours of the day will pass in a very similar fashion as they do today and there will be something else “spectacular” for which we pine, dismissing the beauty around us today.

    Enjoy each moment. And your puppy.

  8. Gratitude will get you into that space that you are looking to fill…

  9. Toni Cooper

    Perhaps you are simply resting? Sometimes we forget that Rest is a natural part of progression. We don’t like to rest as it implies idleness which implies lack of progress and for those of us who live, eat and breath fulfillment, this can be uncomfortable.

    We apply labels to this discomfort and surmise it’s a problem. We think “If I’m not moving forward in great leaps at all times, how can I inspire others to do so? What will people think? Am I failing?” Well I think Rest is inspiring so thank you for sharing that it’s okay to rest :) . We can only go wide-open for so long before the ebb of our flow kicks in.

    Enjoy this Rest fold you are in. We’ll all be here waiting patiently for the book to unfold, the puppy to stop chewing and for the Documentary to be imagined.

    Take Care!

  10. Katie,
    I can relate to what you are feeling. I think I’m going through the same phase, but with different surroundings, and obstacles.

    Thank you for the last words of this post: “I am not all I could be, but I am all I need to be right now.” This makes me feel that is okay to stumble, trip, fall, and not get up right away. I want to accomplish my goals so badly that I forget that I am only human, and that at this time, I am all that I need to be. Nothing more nothing less, and that’s OKAY!

    I will use this time to reflect on my past accomplishments, and failures to realize how far I’ve come, and that this is not the end, because there is not end to anything in this world.


  11. Sometimes we just don’t need to be all we can be – but being all you need right now sounds just about right! The book will come Katie dear, as it is said – for everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose…

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! The analogy you use of the folds is powerful. I especially love the melancholy and affirmation you give to it…because we don’t always feel positive and focused. It’s good to give ourselves the grace to be human.

    My favorite part of your post is the final sentence: I am not all I could be, but I am all I need to be right now.

    Loved it! Thanks for the invitation to be gracious and kind to myself.

  13. Katie,
    I truly think this is “going around” right now, like a virus. There’s seems to be needs and wants that can’t all get fulfilled but they will in there own time.
    Hang in there girl, our pups will pull us through as we ride on a “dog sled” of time.

  14. remember to breathe and to go slowly. and to take the time to possibly work on your novel? I recently decided to shelf the novel I worked on when I completed my MFA in 2010…because I wasn’t feeling it. Because I wasn’t being pulled into it. I was rewriting the character and the voice no longer stood out. And every time I pick up a book, I imagine myself writing another version of that book. Even if its a book filled with darkness or a book filled with lightness. Sometimes, I feel a bipolar version of myself. :o )

  15. Oh Katie, I feel nestled up right in the fold with you! And like you, my wish is to just appreciate the humaneness of my limitations while loving every single small positive or mini success along the way.

  16. Marie Fredriksson Karvelas

    Thank you, Katie for this lovely post. It came right in time. Your words seem to describe my life perfectly, and I was just starting to be very hard, judging and non-forgiving about myself.

    Today I will instead carry these words in my heart: “I am not all I could be, but I am all I need to be right now.”

    Thank you!

  17. what a positive spin to “running around with no goal”
    i like this
    instead of thinking i haven’t achieved anything today, i think, i’m “meandering” :)
    NOch Noch

  18. Thanks for reading, commenting, tweeting and appreciating, Cathy.

  19. Jt, I’m glad you found something inside the folds of my meandering that inspired you to rethink your project. xo

  20. Thanks for the support, Mistie. I have such warm and compassionate readers who don’t mind when I get a little whiny. I appreciate that. I will take care of myself. I hope you do too.

  21. Marci, that is basically it. I have taken on too much or more than I can right now. I’m happy you’ve found peace and excitement in developing your road map. Sounds like you are happy with where you’re headed. That’s a wonderful feeling, even if you meander along the way a bit.

  22. Stephanie, thank you for the kind support. You have a puppy as well so you know the struggles and the joys. I literally meander in circles trying to train him not to pull on his leash. Will he ever learn? Patience, I know.

  23. Paige, I love The Four Agreements. It is so truthful, simple and wise … thanks for grounding me in your lovely words and reminding me to look my puppy in the eyes and see the beauty in that simple moment as he licks my face.

  24. I am grateful for jack

  25. Toni, you are right. I do love that feeling of uber-fulfillment — it can be addictive, and it can also be a barometer for when to admonish myself when I’m not feeling it so fully. But resting, imperfection and even laziness are indeed folds in the journey. Thanks for waiting and indulging and empathizing.

  26. OT, I’m beginning to realize from your comment, and others, that somewhere out there we are all being sent very strong a message, perhaps for most of our lives, that the only way to be is to accomplish, win, earn, produce and succeed. You said it, we have to be okay stumbling, tripping, falling — because we will and we do and that only makes us more human, more experienced, more fragile and intuitive and more grounded. All good things, all natural things. I truly do believe from having met some incredible people recently, that those of us who fall the farthest are the most alive and inspired and connected to what really matters in life. Yes, revel in all you’ve done. That is a beginning.

  27. Michelle, thank you for your heartfelt comment and for the lovely quote. Yes, the book will come.

  28. Steve, thanks for the love, love, love. I am glad that a little grace shined through the folds.

  29. Gay, you may be right. I think the frenzy of personal development products urging, even warning us to completely change our lives has given us all a growing sense that we’re not right as we are — there is something wrong with the way we’re doing things. When we falter or don’t measure up to the claims of those living these supposedly “better” lives, we feel like failures and that’s when dis-ease sets in – maybe that’s the virus you speak of.

    Love your pup picture. What a ride!

  30. Great way to look at the unfolding journey, Sandra. Mini successes – lovely. I will cozy up into the folds of humaneness along with you.

  31. Marie, I always love to hear that – “it came right in time”. I think we all struggle with imperfection at times, but how easily we slip into self-judgement. I hope you have slipped just as easily into a new fold of self-love.

  32. Noch Noch, I think it’s less that I have no goal, it’s more that I don’t feel I’m moving towards it every day. Positive spins are ways of changing how you cope with where you are. I am here and I can be okay with that or not. Today I might be meandering but that’s okay. Thanks for always reading and being here.

  33. Katie, you got a puppy! I just saw that! I am delighted for you with a tinge of envy :) ! Lots of love and a very happy new year to you. I see that you are doing well, and meandering is just wonderful. I have done it at times, especially when I totally immerse in a new place in our travels. I think it has done me wonders.
    Just saying hi and hoping that everything is to your pure delight in 2012. Hope to see you again soon sometime!!!
    Lots of love from Farnoosh!

  34. Hi Katie,
    I think this is my first comment on your blog. Your this post got me engaged me with your writing.

    True, honest and real. That’s what I felt after reading your post.

    Actually, isn’t it the uncertainty that makes our lives interesting?

    Let life unfolds one day at a time. There are happy moments, bumpy rides and sometimes a bunch of dull feelings.

    They are all intrinsic parts of our life. They find place in our memories which we rejoice after few years. They are natural.

    And these feeling compliment each other.

    However, having faith in ourselves and our belief systems makes us strong to face challenges and having a out of the box thinking enables to bring fresh ideas into our life.

    So, let’s have faith in ourselves and think differently. We are all set for a beautiful life :-)

    Have a great week ahead.

  35. It is hard not to want the glamous life or shiny objects. We want what we can or do not have and for the most part, the things that are not even meant for us.
    In this world, I am on a quest to find myself and live in happiness. I do not want my happines to depend on material objects or accomplishments, but to come from inside.

    Hope that makes sense. Great article by the way!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  36. What an eloquent description of MY life right now–how did you know? Only change novel to non-fiction book (based on my blog). Thich Nhat Hanh’s comforting words come time mind. This, too. This, too.

    But about that puppy….

  37. Poignant, and human.

    Thank you for showing us that EVERYONE goes through the meandering. Much like the wandering road….perhaps full of surprises not yet coming to light.

    Always enjoy when I get over here to visit.
    Oh yah, and the PUPPY. I swear the 2 puppies I raised were harder than my kids, and I have two teenagers!
    Good luck:)
    In Harmony,

  38. Lindset@48hourmasters

    Thank you for sharing your positive thinking about life..Keep on sharing this to us..

  39. Naveen, thank you for reading and commenting for the first time. I love your free and easy way of thinking about life – it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.

  40. William, it makes total sense. Those shiny objects are usually hollow inside. Once we get them there’s an emptiness and we want the next shiny new thing. I, like you, would rather be consumed with the small joys that come from inner peace. Thanks for being here.

  41. Galen, it’s nice to know we are all meandering along, side by side.

  42. Jen, thanks for visiting. And yep, this puppy is the best worst idea I ever had. Right now he’s curled up next to me with his little nose nestled under his huge paw (yes, he’s going to be a big boy). How can I not love the little darling? Guess we’ll meander together through these next few years.

  43. Lindset, sharing feels right – I’m glad you appreciate it and want more. xo

  44. Kay, sorry I didn’t see your comment until today – it was lost in my dashboard awaiting approval for some reason. Thanks for sharing all the folds in your world and your heart.

  45. Carolina, it’s interesting what you say about your novel. I think our creative projects can wax and wane at times — it’s natural. But if you are forcing it and not feeling it after giving it your all, then you may be right to put it aside. I have a couple of unfinished projects that still linger in the back of my mind, but as they are, they are not right and not everything started must be finished (despite our society’s desire to hammer home to us that we are quitters if we don’t finish something). Maybe some day I’ll revisit them but not today. I need to feel a project deeply or it just doesn’t work and isn’t worth finishing – sometimes our unfinished ideas are just that – ideas. Best of luck in resurrecting it or letting it go, either one is a choice that will carry you somewhere on your journey.

  46. Farnoosh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment. Lovely to see you here. It’s been too long. Yes, a puppy but don’t be envious. It’s a huge amount of work and sacrifice, but we muddling through. Happy new year to you too and much love.

  47. Katie your thoughts are so beautifully written! Thank you. Several times on the need of survival, we lose ourselves. Always waiting the time to come, to do what we dream of and become what we want. Until then let’s live in the present and do everything with enthusiasm and passion.

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