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  1. Oh – just today – I wrote this. A bit of a different variation..but so much the same intention: http://www.marciescudderphotography.com/home/2011/10/16/seeking-clarity.html

  2. The step-by-step motion of forward progress can sometimes seem so slow. Thanks for encouraging me to see it otherwise.

  3. AngelJem

    I read this at 2pm after waking from a nightmare about a horrid Teaching Assistant making life hell. (would be funny but it feels so real) and it made me go Oh.
    Oh, I see. Today and tomorrow are just days to get through. After this money making session I can focus on what is necessary for me…… And it so is not a silly woman treating me- Me- like a child. Take the path with no markers and be brave.
    Thank you. Just the advice I needed.
    Perhaps I’ll see you out there? Just in case. (I am so not a brave person!)

  4. That is so emphatic so focused and solid and loving. It belongs on a board above my bed until I take it by the heart and beat my way from morass to clearing. I’ve never missed a thing I have cleared away.
    Great post, great excerpt Thank you!

  5. Joy Anna

    When I can reach that place of simplifying my life, I can become aware that with my trued focus it is a clear matter of giving up the things I do not want and keeping the things I do want. Love to all Joy

  6. Great post Katie! I too have been slowly and deliberately taking steps forward towards being more authentic and true to myself… releasing things from my life. Sometimes it feels as though I am taking too long in this process but I have also come to realize that with each step forward, I am no longer the person I was but growing more into my potential. Each step creating change and bringing something new into my life.

    Thank you for the reminder that it is ok to move forward at my own pace.

    Peace & Blessings,

  7. Jess

    The trouble with committing to too much focus is you feel guilty about taking a moment to read a great little blog like this ;-)

  8. Katie,

    I feel like I’m trying to simplify and declutter in order to have more focus and time to write. Many of us seem to be trying to do the same thing in this busy world we live in. Now if only I could get my husband to not collect camera parts, and DVD’s etc., we’d have more room and less clutter.

  9. Beautiful post! I’m taking small steps, too. Love your blog.

  10. I love Natalie Goldberg, she’d a great writer!

  11. same journey we are going through – every little step you are taking
    courage my friend!! :)

  12. Love the intention, Marcie.

  13. Winsomebella, I think slow might truly be the only pace that gets you there.

  14. AngelJem, I’ll look for you on your brave journey. I’m certain you are braver than you realize.

  15. Howard, I never missed a thing I cleared away either. We simply get used to something and think we need it. Check out Leo Babauta’s post on things we think we need at http://mnmlist.com/creep/ for some more food for thought.

  16. Joy, and the simplifying helps us to clear, to let go and to see what it is we truly want.

  17. Tania, your pace is perfect for you. Sounds like you are right on track. I’m excited for you.

  18. Jess, I hope you keep coming back … guilt-free :) I’ll try to keep things short so it only takes a moment.

  19. Sonia, it’s tough to bring everyone along on the same journey. I struggle with that too but I’ll fairly strong-willed so I usually get my way.

  20. Rebecca, I’m happy for you. Thank you for the kind words.

  21. Larissa, Natalie is my guide at the moment – spiritual, writing, self discovery – her words help me so much.

  22. noch, courage to you too my friend.

  23. I think of two words when I read this – simplified focus. I, too, feel like I’m trying to narrow down my focus instead of going in many different directions. Asking myself why am I doing this? Is it because someone suggested it, or is it because it’s align with how I want to be spending my time/reach a goal/etc.?

    And, I know that I can’t produce creativity without some solitude and quiet time. I can’t just force it to happen on a whim. As you’ve said before it needs to be romanced and nurtured or it gets trampled over.

  24. I really like that Marci – simplified focus. I could have just written that and made my point in a more simplified and focused way. Oh well. You did it for me. I’m the same way — need my quiet time. I struggle with wanting to do it all and also wanting to cut back, but, in the end, I know I need to simplify and do what matters most. I guess many of us feel the same way. Have a great weekend, Marci. xo

  25. If there was any speed other than slow, more people would be where they want to be.

    It’s sort of a shame, really.

    I guess the best we can do is stay consistent, be happy, and help others down their path to help fill the time in between.

  26. Candice

    This is cool, It helps me to stay in focus and moving forward. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Consistent, happy and help others – nice sentiment Rob.

  28. Focus is a powerful thing, Candice. Glad my essay helped.

  29. Excellent post Katie. I believe that Natalie Goldberg is a fabulous writer!
    I loved your blog!

  30. Jen

    I think you are dead on here! I, too, have struggled with all these issues…how to have more time, but also because there are so many things I LOVE, and am INTERESTED in that it is hard to collate it all into a workable life….especially with 3 kids still at home.

    Still, I have managed through intent, to rediscover my biggest passions and let go of things that just don’t fit into my life now. Just because I am purging some interests now doesn’t mean I can’t visit them in the future…..

    AND….When I visit them I hope to be sitting on a beach in Bali, doing yoga. My oldest sister lives in Jakarta and has land in Bali that I look FORWARD to that door. I may even wear a yellow skimpy bikini…cause that is as close as I would get to being nude. (Still some image issues to work through, even after all those marathons:)

    GREAT post, as always!
    In Harmony,

  31. Nick, I totally agree. Natalie is one of a kind. Thanks for enjoying.

  32. Jen, it seems creating a workable life is a universal desire and struggle. And you’re right, everything and anything can be revisited — of course, you’ll have to save me a spot in the sand next to you in Bali — please.

  33. Hi Katie
    Another brilliant post. You have this wonderful style of writing that reaches inside of people, that connects with them at their core. It really is quite beautiful and inspiring.
    Yes as much as we would like to still be able to continue doing all of the same thimgs we do now and have our big writing dreams open up before us, the truth is it takes sacrifice and commitment. Lots of commitment.
    I wish you all the best in whatever you decide and look forward to following your progression on this blog.

  34. Thea, thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m beginning to see the path more clearly and as I do, it’s interesting how my awareness of what has blocked me for so many years is becoming clearer too, and slowly falling by the way side. Best of luck moving towards your big writing dreams.