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  1. Katie, my feelings have been as such this week. Mornings start off with a bang with a list to keep me focused but as the day progresses I seem to hit a low period and then about the 4pm hour, I perk up and get going.

    Always a break in there for the daily dog walk and thank goodness they keep the presure on. Oh how would it be if it were not for my dogs that keep me engaged with the outside world.

    I take the ups with the lows and know that it too will pass. It always does and in the mean time, I’ll be kind to myself knowing that when I’m in gear, there nothing I can’t do and so much that I can get done.

  2. Beautiful reminder Katie. Thank you.

  3. Katie, you have such a beautiful way with words that makes even the experience of weariness sound inviting!
    I love that your writing “one sentence at a time” can be what draws you out of that weary place. There are many times when I experience the power of writing in a similar way, particularly with my “morning pages”.
    Thanks so much for sharing this encouragement!

  4. Hey Catherine, I am about to get my first dog – a golden retriever puppy. I already love my walks but I’m thinking this new little being will help me love them on a whole new level — even when the wind is bitterly cold. I love your attitude of kindness towards yourself. It’s inspiring.

  5. Hi there Linda. Lovely to see you here again. xoxo

  6. Brigid, thank you for the kind words. You made me smile ear to ear. I think I might get back to Julia’s morning pages. I do love them and find they have great power to transform the day. Thanks for being here and sharing.

  7. After a long day, these words are most welcome. I think I will go and dip deeply into my ebb… Thank you for your thoughts.

  8. Kellie, that made me laugh. Have fun. Sounds like you deserve it.

  9. It seems to me that there are days that just are not meant to be “full speed ahead” days. To push oneself to the point of exhaustion can be counter productive and I believe we must listen to our minds, bodies and spirits when they are calling for a time out.

    Give your routine a rest, turn off the computer, and lose yourself in some activity that is totally unrelated to what would normally occur during a business as usual day. You will return refreshed, and your level of inspiration may even surpass your fondest expectations! :-)

    All the best,


  10. I swimming with you Katie. Thanks for the encouragement.


  11. I hear you Jon. Listening to ourselves is key. Losing yourself in another activity is a great way to recharge, refuel and refresh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. Alex, thank you for encouraging me right back.

  13. Kathi Calvert

    Oh, how I needed that message. My daughter is 3 weeks old and sleep is scarce. She is healthy and beautiful. Soon we will sleep again. For now, I will enjoy the ebb and flow of life weary and rested because every moment is precious.

  14. Kathi, how lovely to be in those early days with your little daughter. I remember them vividly and my little one is 19 years old now. She was a beautiful baby. Going with that flow is all you can do right now and all you need do. Much love to you and her in these precious times.

  15. Big eyes, wagging tail, no matter the weather, the time of day, what you have on or not, that puppy turned dog will be an incredible inspiration.

    Enjoy so very much. I love puppies.

    Aloha Wags!

  16. It’s just a fact. Some days are harder than others. Sharing that it is that way for you allows everyone else to feel like we aren’t alone, and the idea to just keep moving forward is inspirational in those moments in itself.

    Mahalo. :)

  17. Yes, I believe it is so. One foot in front of the other. Often I sense that my weariness is caused by many things pulling me in many directions, and I can’t seem to get myself to just back off from it all enough to see where I should be focusing. So stopping – in the form of meditating, walking or napping – is not just advisable, but critical. Un-crowding the brain seems to help weariness to some degree.

    The one step at a time, one sentence at a time, one pot at a time, one breakfast at time way of being has essentially changed my life and helped make me a healthier person. I am not nearly as frazzled as I was, nor as weary. If I feel that weariness coming in, I look at it and look at what I am doing – and I change something. Awareness is so critical.

    Love to you, my darling friend.

  18. Diana, you’re right. I do need to change something. Balance and patience will be key. Wonderful insight as always. Love to you too, dear friend.

  19. Accomplishing something always breaks weariness for me. If that means going through my list of things to do today and just taking it apart one piece at a time. Step by step until I start gaining some momentum, then that’s what I do.

    It’s almost impossible to be frustrated or upset when you’ve gotten a lot done.

  20. The lack of sleep that parenthood brings is it’s own little blessing and curse. I mean, at least you’re taking time out of doing “nothing” to put towards raising a brand new person, right?

    There’s upsides to everything! Sort of.

  21. Hello dear Katie, I’ve been trying to catch up with you again since your summer break-I took one too and am juggling many of the same types of things you are. “When You’re weary..” inspires a big YES to fitness, eating well, simplifying and on and on-a big YES to life. When I’m weary, sometimes I need a bit more time to prioritize that which I must do and that which I long to do. It reminds me who is ultimately in charge and helps me move to YES. Thanks Katie.

  22. Great article. I had to finish writing a piece today I wanted to submit by Monday and felt that sluggishness. Put it off as long as I could this morning and then finally did like you and just started. Writing and breathing. It works. Thanks for the motivation.

  23. Hi,

    I am new to your blog but absolutely love it! I have often used writing as a means to bring myself joy, clarity, and inspiration. It has been a constant and loyal companion throughout my life, especially during the tough times. Sounds like it does the same for you :-) Thanks for sharing your gifts with the rest of us!

  24. Too true, Jt. I think it’s the sharing that gives me the sense of connection and focus I need in these times. Mahalo to you dear friend.

  25. Rob, I feel the same way. A little step can ease my sense of weariness just like that.

  26. Michelle, I think you innately picked up on something key – that has indeed come out of my weariness – I’m prioritizing, regrouping and taking new steps. Weariness can sometimes come from that place of spinning our wheels – so yes, I am in charge and I’m ready to rock. Thanks for the inspiration. Great to see you smiling face here again.

  27. Bettyann, it’s amazing how just writing and breathing through it anyway can push that sluggishness to the side, gently and almost magically. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know we all face the same struggles at times.

  28. Sara, you’re getting around. I’m so glad you’ve decide to explore a little. Yes, writing does bring me joy, clarity and inspiration. It has been a way to sort out some of that inner chatter and make sense of the good and the bad. It’s a great teacher. I’m glad it does the same for you. Do come back.

  29. Hi Katie
    Beautifully written! I must remember these wise words on the days when I am tired and struggle to get moving/motivated/started.
    One sentence at at time. Great advice to build on.

  30. Thea, thank you so much for the lovely comment. Yes, one sentence. It always leads to the next and the next.