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Generic RU486 is an abortion pill commonly used to contribute to Abortion Pills in the United States, Abortion Pills in the United Kingdom, and other areas of the globe. Women looking for abortion pills online may simply explore several online pharmacies and choose the most reputable one to get Generic RU486 from. In this article, we’ll look at how the tablets help in the pregnancy termination procedure.

How should the tablet be taken?

Doctors frequently give 200 mg Generic RU486 to women for pregnancy termination for up to 11 weeks. The pill may be taken orally with water. It must be taken as soon as you get it after purchasing abortion pills online or locally.

How does Generic RU486 function?

Antiprogesterone is a hormone found in women’s bodies that promotes pregnancy development. The pill’s anti-progesterone ingredients fight against this hormone, finally stopping pregnancy development within 24 hours.

What are the long-term consequences of Generic RU486?

Generic RU486 has no immediate noticeable side effects. During the abortion procedure, the usual pregnancy symptom of nausea persists. After taking the first tablet, some women experience little bleeding. Though bleeding usually begins after the second dose, bleeding after using Generic RU486 is not uncommon.

What are the long-term consequences of Generic RU 486? -
What are the long-term consequences of Generic RU 486? –

Can Generic RU486 be used to end an undesired pregnancy on its own?

No. Generic RU486 must be used with a prostaglandin pill to terminate an undesirable pregnancy properly. Both drugs cause hormonal changes in the body and may stop a pregnancy before 10-11 weeks.

What other medications are used in addition to Generic RU486?

Misoprostol or Cytolog may be used in conjunction with Generic RU486 to achieve a successful Medical Abortion. The prostaglandin ingredients in the pill trigger uterine contraction. Cramping in the lower abdomen and bleeding to pass the pregnancy tissues are common symptoms for women. The bleeding might linger for 7-8 days. Because this bleeding is heavier than usual menstrual fluids, women are recommended to utilize pads throughout the abortion procedure. While cramping and bleeding are the two most common symptoms of pregnancy termination, additional side effects occur during the Medical Abortion procedure.

The medical pregnancy termination technique takes just a week or two to finish effectively. However, the lady must allow her body time to digest the abortion pills and wait for them to return to normal. This may take 10-14 days, following which she can confirm her pregnancy termination with a home pregnancy test or a clinical trial—mifepristone functions as a substitute for Generic RU486. If you can’t locate Generic RU486, you may purchase mifepristone pills combined with any other prostaglandin medication to stop your pregnancy effectively.


Generic RU486, an abortion pill, is a common component of the Medical Abortion procedure in the US, the UK, and numerous other countries across the globe. We’ll examine how the tablets help with pregnancy termination in this blog. Generic RU486 doesn’t have any immediately noticeable side effects. Throughout the abortion procedure, nausea, a common pregnancy symptom, persists.

Can GenericRU486 be used to end an undesired pregnancy on its own? Can an undesired pregnancy be completed with only Generic RU486?

During the medical pregnancy termination procedure, additional side effects are encountered. Women endure lower abdominal pains and bleeding when the pregnancy tissues depart. Women are encouraged to wear pads throughout the abortion procedure since this bleeding is heavier than the typical menstrual fluids. If generic RU486 is unavailable, you may purchase mifepristone and other prostaglandin medication to stop your pregnancy.